Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics

Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics

Cranial HelmetsDifferent helmets

We value each and every child and are committed to providing excellent service.The practitioners fitting your child's helmet are associated with the Health Science Center Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs, are pediatric specialists, and are Texas licensed and certified by the ABC. Our facility is appropriately licensed and certified in accordance with state and federal guidelines and fully accredited.


Cranial Orthotic Molding

(deformational plagiocephaly and torticollis, postoperative therapy, cranial orthosis, remolding helmet)


Essentially, all cranial remolding orthoses work in a similar manner by directing growth of the infant's head into a more symmetrical or proportionate shape.  This is accomplished by maintaining contact over the prominent areas of the head, allowing room for growth in the areas of flattening.  The helmet is fabricated from a positive modified/unmodified cast and provides total contact over the prominent areas of the skull.   


Noninvasive Shape CaptureDifferent helmets


Our facility utilizes the Omega Laser Scanner to capture the shape for the helmet. This technology reduces stress on the patient and increases accuracy of the product. The patient will be scanned and the shape will be modified using Tracer software then fabricated by the appropriately accredited facility. The combination of these technologies has proven to increase quality and consistency of our products.


If you require a helmet please do the following.

  1. Contact our Orthotics & Prosthetics Clinic (210)567-5346, press option 3 to speak with a representative..
  2. Provide Patient/Parent information; such as patient/parent names, telephone number(s), email address(es)
  3. Provide funding information; such as the name of your insurance company, name of policy holder, insurance policy number, etc.

Once we receive your information, our office will file the necessary paperwork with your insurance carrier and work with them to establish benefits -- if they are available. However, as the responsible party, we want to make you aware that insurance companies and state plans have vastly different benefits depending on the type of plan and premiums paid.